About Me

I do hope you enjoy browsing through my website, It should give you a small glimpse of some of my work.

I have spent my life in art, with art, one way or another. Although I don’t have any formal qualifications, I did do a foundation year at Herts collage of art & design in 1977 and after that I was a successful potter making highly decorative tableware for 15 yrs. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave pottery as it was too much of a physical strain and I became a jeweller, working in silver and gold.

After a basic training I started making and designing my first range of jewellery and I had work in 6 prestigious galleries in the UK also in private collections across the world. I also had my own registered hallmark at the London assay office.

I did briefly return to ceramics on a smaller scale embarking on some rather ambitious works in stoneware and cold cast bronze. I have examples in the Herts County Arts Archive Collection.

Mostly I concentrate on my original passion for painting. I mainly paint and draw animals using many different medias such as ink, acrylic, pigments, chalk & pastels, painting with knives and brushes. I have exhibited at many places including the mall gallery in London I also have some of these reproduced onto Fabric.

Lou x